General Description:    

FranTiger Business Consulting seeks to employ an engineering intern to perform several software development tasks for use in business systems involving brand aggregations. Tasks may include development and deployment of web-enabled software for Linux systems, Android systems, web systems, etc. Software will interface with business systems located on the internet, installed locally at FranTiger, and deployed at customer handsets.

Primary Job Functions:           

Work with the engineering team to provide computer programming assistance in the development of several software projects. Assist with the troubleshooting and deployment of the software projects. Reports progress regularly to associated personnel.

Required Skills:   

  1. Php programming language
  2. Working knowledge of WordPress, Android studio and other similar software systems
  3. MySQL database programming
  4. Development of documentation for the deployment and operation of software
  5. Ability to work independently and as a team depending on tasks       Strong written and verbal communication skills

Work Status:        

  • Part-time / Full-time / Software Engineering Intern


  1. College enrolled Junior / Senior student preferred
  2. Computer Engineering or Computer Science major preferred
  3. Can demonstrate and/or provide examples of capability and required skills


  • Weekly Stipend for this position will be based on experience


  1. Reports to project manager of associated tasks
  2. Regularly reports progress to engineering team

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