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Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights gives you freedom from duplication.

Idea and design can be copied easily. You can secure it with a Trademark and Copyrights. Design patents can secure your design from infringements.

We assist you with Trademark registration. You can use TM with your brands and brand name.

With Trademark registration, your brand value increases. We take care of that too. You can concentrate on getting your business bigger and better.

Copyrights on your creation gives you freedom to work without fearing the infringements.

Design patents give you freedom from copying of your intellectual rights and creativity or inventions.

Choose from following IPR types which suits best for your business!!


It gives your brand a TM look to distinguish it from others.


It gives your Intellectual Property a power to flourish only under you.


Secure your designs and inventions universally.

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