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Company registration

company registration in India frantiger

Starting A Company?
We Get It Registered

Concentrate on Business, while we assist you 24/7

Formation of a legal entity is the first vital step towards business progression.

We assist you in setting up the Company, Proprietorship, Partnership, Section-8 or NGO.

With company registration, responsibilities comes. We take care of that too. You can concentrate on getting your business bigger and better.

Among the aforementioned legal entity types, which one is going to benefit you more depends upn your nature of business. We get you the best.

Choose from the wide range of legal entities available for registration, so as to secure your business and reduce your personal liability.

Read about Company types before selecting best for your business!!


Sole Proprietorship is most common and comes with unlimited liabilities.


Most common form of business among two partners or more. Unlimited liabilities.

Limited Liability Partnership

Partnerships with Limited Liability and unlimited potential.

Private Limited

Unlimited potential but limited liabilities for 2 Directors or more.

Public Limited

Enterprise with public liabilities and great possibilities.

One Person Company

OPC gives unlimited possibilities to single director.

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