A Manpower recruitment consultant is intermediary between “organizations (corporate) i.e. looking forward to recruit staff “and “the people who are looking out for jobs”. In short, manpower consultant has two customers: Their Client and The Candidate. Recruiting through external resources (recruitment consultant) is a lengthy process.

In this process corporate gets in touch with the Manpower Recruitment Consultants to know about their charges or mostly recruitment do calls or do meeting with various organization for tie up and get requirements from them. Then the negotiation on charges is done, after which both parties sign a mutual agreement with some Terms and Conditions on which they are going to work. Then the organization shares the Job Description /Profile Description of the requirement which includes skills and experience required in a person.

After this recruitment consultancy, team of recruiters starts working on the particular requirement sent by corporate, by using their mediums such as Job portals, Posting, References, Head Hunting ,Social Media etc. . Their first step is to start, with screening the profiles according to job Description sent to them. After that next step is to start with talking, calling and meeting with candidates, so that they can better understand their profiles and can start with short listing .Then Manpower consultants forward the profile of the interested candidates to the organization, and after that they provide the final short listing and Manpower consultants schedule the interview according to the clients and candidates availability.

Later on Interview and selection process starts .Most of the time recruitment consultant also has to come in to picture for the negotiation with both the parties for their interest of getting position closed and to generate revenue.

Benefits of Working with Manpower Consulting company: Choosing a right consultancy according to a company’s needs is actually a difficult task, sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to choose. But if company do decided to get engage with corporate consultants, you need to make sure that the relationship should be successful as it is a two way process. An organization can have Ultimate and successful experience with a list of recruitment consultant but only you have to choose it carefully and have to play your part. A Recruitment Consultancy can work and get right talent for an organization if it can understand the business of that particular organization, in which market you operate and technical and culture of the role in an organization.