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Entrepreneurship is a choice that requires rigorous practice and discipline.

During our journey, we came across several aspirants who wanted to earn faster & easier. Also, there were people who just wanted to invest and see their money growing. There is nothing wrong with setting such expectations, however, the diligent approach to the business comes from the Vedic business ages. The sages, according to mythologies, used to seek favors from households in the form of food, money or clothing. They reciprocate the favors with their blessings to the generous house lords.

It seemed to be as easy money or easy food, however, I believe this requires a lot of effort, a perfect sales pitch and a high perceived value Return on Investments.

The sages used to walk miles to collect the offerings, they must have used a sales pitch which could have been more than just "Bheekshaam Dehi", because in return the givers used to get only blessings and no other materialistic profits. The perceived value of those blessings was very high, as it was rare and not easily available. The only source of such pious blessings were those sages, and to cheer them up one had to offer generously and willfully.

The same applies to modern-day trades, Houseowner a.k.a. The investor put its money into the bowl of sage a.k.a. business opportunity, expecting it to grow multiple times. Completely ignoring the by-products of such investments such as Multiple job creation, Gradually increasing brand value, Multi-fold increasing network of people and connections in the industry.

Hereby, I am not saying that one should invest to gain just the by-products, my belief is "If you are investing in any business opportunity, think before you do. Once you are into it, give full heart to it, invest in improving your team, learn new things every day, fight for the right, and then see your business grow multi-fold."

We at FranTiger, always strive to be the 'Business Friends Forever' to our prestigious customers and stakeholders. My best wishes to budding entrepreneurs, who are looking for mentor support, legal and compliance management, please connect with our experts for professional assistance. Brand owners are always welcome to talk, if you have a 'Proof Of Concept' for your product or service, we have a wide range of people who are ready to plug in with your business.

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